Vigerm goes to FIMA showing all its potential as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery


Vigerm presents on its stand a new fertilizer fertilizer spreader with a capacity of 3,000 liters. It offers the possibility of being able to apply the product by means of a locating grid or laterally deployable tape and the dosage is proportional to the speed of the machine.
Fertilizer for organic fertilizers with a capacity of 3,000 liters.
In the section of agricultural curls, the manufacturer presents a reinforced curl with horizontal folding of 8 to 14 meters wide. Optionally it can go with smooth or veneer plate and angular. Its operation is simple and allows a great adaptation to the terrain. The transport width is 3 meters, approved according to current legal regulations. Also as a novelty, Vigerm presents a 5.80 m roller, with a more compact and simple folding system. The machine in the folding position can work 3 meters wide for a better soil compaction. Manufactured in smooth plate or smooth and angular plate, is designed for small farms and tractors from 60 HP of power.
Roller reinforced with horizontal folding (left) and curl of 5.80 m. with compact and simple folding system (right).
In growers, Vigerm takes advantage of the celebration of FIMA to present its cultivator dragged with up to 15 meters of width of work, for tractors of great power. It can be manufactured with different arm models: vibroflex type, flexible arm 50x12 or arm semichisel 40x30. With a folding for transport by road to 3 m wide, you can optionally go with curl or drag. In addition, the suspended cultivator with vertical folding up to 7 meters wide is exposed. It also comes with three possible models of arm and folding for transport of 3 m wide.
Suspended cultivator with vertical folding up to 7 meters wide (left); and cultivator dragged, with up to 15 meters of working width (right).
Finally, Vigerm exposes the suspended hydropneumatic chisel with vertical folding of up to 7 meters wide, for high power tractors. It is a robust machine and manufactured in 3 rows for greater clearance. It has arm type 40x40 mounted with hydraulic cylinder, getting a shot with ability to overcome obstacles up to 45 cm. of height without causing any breakdown.