Trailed disc harrow

GRA-55m. PH, articulated with 20 sets, 40 discs 22 "200
GRA-66 m. PH, articulated with 24 sets, 48 discs 22 "240
GRA-77 m. PH, articulated with 28 sets, 56 discs 22 "300

-Reinforced chassis prepared for all types of ground
-Articulated hydraulic chassis, better performance and better operation of the machine
-Double-disc reinforced unit without oilers (maintenance-free)
-22” disc
-Roller 70 cm in diameter with circular angle
-Middle harrow with 12 mm tines
-Electrovalve box and sensing line
-Transport wheels: 445/65-22’5

- Different roller configurations: Smooth sheet, angle system and curved angle system.
- Other options (CONSULT)