Rex roller

ModelBody MeasureWidth of the workTransport width
REX-82.60 + 2.90 + 2.60m8m3m
REX-103.60 + 2.90 + 3.60m10m3m
REX-124.60 + 2.90 + 4.60m12m3m

REX-8700mm400 / 60-15.55000kg
REX-10700mm445 / 45-19.55400kg
REX-12700mm445 / 45-19.55800kg

-Rodillo equipped with reinforced bushings of high quality
-Made in 3 bodies, with very good adaptation to the oscillations of the ground
- The chassis and all the elements of the roller, manufactured with great robustness
-Regular electrical installation, with hydraulic brake and chocks.
-Width of transport: 3 meters

-Different roller configurations: smooth sheet, angular system and curved angular system.
-Different thicknesses of smooth sheet (CONSULT)
-Equipment of electrovalves and remote control.