Vertical Folding Roller

ModelLongWork widthHeightTransport width

VERTICAL-6.20700mm300 / 80-15'33100kg
VERTICAL-6.70700mm400 / 60-15.53500kg
VERTICAL-7.70700mm400 / 60-15.53900kg

-Rodillo equipped with reinforced bushings of high quality
-Made in 3 bodies, with very good adaptation to the oscillations of the ground
-Safety hydraulic lock
- The chassis and all the elements of the roller, manufactured with great robustness
-Regular electrical installation, with hydraulic brake and chocks.
-High stability in transport (very used for more than 30 years)

-Front manual blade
-Different roller configurations: smooth sheet, angular system and curved angular system.
-Different thicknesses of smooth sheet (CONSULT)
-Equipment of electrovalves and remote control.