RECO rake, direct seeding

Economic modelMtsRows#PuasTare (approx.)
RECO-6 ECO6 m480870 kg.
- Machines manufactured in 4 rows, with 12mm barbed steel treated
- Manual tilt of the tines.
- Fixed bodies to work.

ModelMtsRows#PuasTare (approx.)
RECO-77 m51001,300 kg.
RECO-9'709'70 m51401,700 kg.

-Machines made in 5 rows, with 12mm steel barbed treated
-Inclination of the tines, hydraulically.
-Oscillating bodies to work.
-It is indicated to use on the stubble of the cereal, to spread the remains of straw evenly on the field. (Unify the field)
-Very useful for germinating seeds, in fields where different cereals or forages have been planted.
-Transportation width: 2.50m
- Consult for more information