ModelTareWheelLifting powerFolding power
TRANS-A1.100kg400 / 60-15'52,000 kg.1,500 kg.
TRANS-B2.050kg445 / 45-19'55,000 kg.3,000 kg.

445 / 45-19'5 or 445 / 60-22'5

8,000 kg.5,000 kg.

Transcombi has been designed in order to handle and transport all kinds of hanging equipment. It makes it possible to work with heavier and wider machinery, but with less tractor power.

 There are a lot of machines for which a high tonnage tractor and power is required in order to lift them, but not to pull them. With Transcombi, hanging machines are transformed into drawn machinery, thus reducing the power required to handle the equipment by 20 - 25%. With the TRANSCOMBI vila, we will avoid the costly breakdowns of the hydraulics of the tractors, by making the function of approved rear linkage.

Transcombi makes it possible to transport by road, with a width of 3m, any hanging equipment of up to 10m, by folding it horizontally.

Transcombi turns any brand´s 4, 5, or 6 m hanging sowing machine into a drawn machine. It is also possible to add an auxiliary chute of 3,000 to 4,000 litres in order to extend the working range.

The same thing happens with its hanging spreader, which using the same spreader, enables you to turn the spreader into a 4 or 5 ton drawn machine. 

You can also couple up any brand of herbicide machine as well as an auxiliary deposit of 3,000 litres and thus convert it into a drawn machine of 4,000 to 5,000 litres. 

Also, Transcombi makes it possible to avoid buying drawn equipment, thus saving money on machinery, fuel, registrations, insurance, Iteuve... 

Equipment with lots of benefits.

- Different dimensions for wheels(depending on the model chosen)
- 3000lts auxiliary tank to supplement herbicide units
- 3000lts steel or stainless-steel auxiliary hopper to supplement any suspended seed-drill machine or fertiliser spreader in the market
- Electrovalve unit with remote control
- Other options (CONSULT) “